E Warranty

Please see back side of warranty card for details.

Dear Sir/Madam

You have made a wise choice. Your Snoozer Mattress has been constructed with the finest resilient upholstery material designed to conform to your individual contours, giving you the utmost in comfort and orthopaedic support.
Please remember that when you replace your mattress, your body has to adjust to the support and comfort of your new mattress. For some users this might cause initial discomfort during adjustment period.
Please give yourself at least 4-8 weeks to get used to the new mattress comfort & support.
Please do not go back to your old mattress or your old problems will persist.
Also please remember to invest in a good supportive pillow.
We hope it helps you experience the comfortable sleep at home enjoyed by luxury hotels around the world.
For any queries & feedback please feel free to get in touch with us.

Snoozer Customer Service
Toll Free: 1800 102 7400