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Types of Mattresses in India

Do you often find yourself struggling in the night to get a proper sleep? Well, it’s about time that you get a new mattress! Having an appropriate mattress that provides utmost comfort is essential for one to get a peaceful sleep in the night.  But buying a new mattress can be tricky. There are different types of mattresses available online and in the market with a unique support system, material and comfort level. If not equipped with the right knowledge about them beforehand then the purchasing decision can become a daunting task.

No worries now! We have gathered some needful information of 7 of the most common types of bed mattresses available for sale in India to help you make the best decision.

Different types of mattresses explained

Memory Foam Mattress

Considered as the best mattress for side sleepers and back pain sufferers, the memory foam mattress contains several layers of high-density polyurethane foam that contours as per the body shape of a person. It distributes the weight evenly that puts less pressure on any body part and hence gives relief from back pain. Over time, this mattress has become a popular choice in every household.

Latex Mattress

Latex mattresses use latex foam that provides ultimate comfort and firmness to back and belly sleepers. Also, it is less dense as compared to memory foam mattress.

Gel Mattress

These mattresses contain gel foam that gives different comfort and feel to the sleepers. It has better temperature control system by dissipating your body heat more effectively.

Coir Mattress

With its origination in India, Coir Mattress is made up of coconut coir that makes it firm and comfortable. It is very economical in comparison with other mattresses and found in almost every household.

Spring Mattress

Spring mattress is made of springs and small coils that will give you a bouncy feeling. Although this nature can also disturb your sleep as the motion gets transferred to other places while making tossing or turning.

Waterbed Mattress

For back sleepers, this is the best choice. It consists of a rectangular chamber of water that is covered by padding or upholstery materials such as foam or fibers. There are 2 types of waterbeds: A hard-sided chamber and a soft-sided chamber, both having their own benefits and level of comfort. You can choose either of the two depending on your preference.

Airbed Mattress

Just like waterbed mattress, Airbed has chamber filled with air that is covered by padding or upholstery materials for a support system. The air chambers are flexible that allows you to adjust the level of firmness. Best suited for back sleepers.

A good sleep is the key to a healthy and happy living. So don’t compromise on quality and buy the best mattress that caters to all your needs.

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