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Rejuvenate on Snoozer Ultra Soft Beauty Sleep Mattress

The foundation of a good night’s sleep is your mattress, hence choosing the perfect one could be a tricky decision. Almost a third of our lives are spent sleeping and the quality of our sleep affects the rest of our lives too. Good quality, restful sleep is essential for our well being and health. The variety of mattresses available in the market makes the decision even more difficult. And one of the toughest decisions when buying a mattress is choosing between a soft mattress and a hard one.

Though it may sound strange but mattresses play a huge role in our lives and their hardness or softness can impact the quality of our sleep. Before making your final decision it would be advisable to educate yourself on the pros and cons of both and also seek advice from your health practitioner. Choosing a mattress is a very personal decision but when doing so the spine health should be kept in mind.

A lot of people prefer to sleep on a soft mattress as they offer more comfort. A notch above is the ultra plush mattress which redefines luxury. The best mattress brand in India, Snoozer, has introduced the beauty sleep mattress. The self explanatory name says it all. It is the perfect mattress to rejuvenate your tired body after a hard day’s work. The luxurious comfort of this mattress helps you go to sleep faster and wake up feeling fresh.

If you are a customer looking for an ultra plush mattress then you must read the pros and cons below before you decide to buy one.


  1. A soft mattress can help reduce back pain and for the elderly suffering from joint pain this kind of mattress can release the pressure on the joints while you sleep.
  2. Slim people with lighter weight can enjoy this soft, plush mattress without compromising on spinal support.
  3. A soft mattress is ideal for those who prefer to sleep on their sides, especially in a foetal position as this cushions the shoulders and hips.  
  4. These mattresses are better for those suffering from specific lower back problems like arthritis, rheumatism, scoliosis etc.   


  1. The quality of sleep can get affected as it can misalign the spine.  So if you suffer from spinal problems then you need to avoid sleeping on a soft mattress.
  2. A soft mattress is usually more expensive than a firm mattress.
  3. With time soft mattresses grow softer and may need to be replaced quicker than a firm one.  
  4. If you share your bed then two people may disagree with the amount of softness each one wants.

Most people do not give much thought before investing in a mattress and do not realize that often it is the mattress you sleep on that could be contributing to your aches and pains and disturbed sleep. Sleep deprivation can eventually impact not just your physical but psychological health as well. The beauty sleep mattress from Snoozer ensures your body gets adequate rest each night. The firm edges, anti allergy and dust mite protection along with a ‘no need to flip’ design makes it the perfect mattress to rejuvenate every part of your body as you sleep.

Take a look at the Snoozer Beauty Sleep mattress to learn if it's the right mattress for you!

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