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Mattress Myths & Facts you Should Know

It’s not easy to come up with a decision of purchasing a new mattress. There are several factors involved that need to be kept in mind before taking the final call. A lot of misleading and conflicting information floats everywhere related to a mattress that makes it more difficult. At times, salesmen end up taking advantage of such information to promote the product and make quick money.

So, it’s important to know the truth about them in order to find the right mattress within budget. Here are some common mattress myths and the facts about them.

Expensive mattresses are the best

The expensive mattress does not guarantee comfort. They might be made up of high-quality materials but if it doesn’t cater to your comfort needs, then its wastage of money. Rather some cost-effective mattresses available in the market can provide better sleep. Therefore go for the right features over price.

The firmer, the better

Many people hold this notion that a firm mattress gives the best support, especially to back pain sufferers. Somewhat true but not to everyone!

The human spine has a natural ‘S’ shape so when you sleep, your shoulders and hips do get support from the mattress but not the middle part of your spine. This puts pressure on your vertebrae and leads to unwanted back pains. It’s generally therefore, recommended to go for a medium firm mattress that will support the small part of your back and further prevent back pain.

The mattress should be flipped regularly

A two-sided mattress is a thing of the past. Today, the majority of mattresses manufactured are one-sided which requires no flipping. Rotating the mattress in the initial 2 months is still recommended for longevity.

Memory foam mattresses are comfier than other mattresses

This is a very subjective statement as the comfort varies from person-to-person. So, make a sound decision based entirely on your comfort level.

Mattress can last for years

Considering the fact that dust mites and dead skin cells get accumulated over time, then using the same mattress for years at a stretch is a not a good idea at all. Also, it’s not good for your body since you’ll begin to experience unwanted pain while waking up in the morning. So, replace the old mattress with the new one every 8 years.

Mattress can’t be cleaned

This is one of the most common misleading mattress information and the fact is that you can! A vacuum cleaner helps a great deal in cleaning the mattress and getting rid of dust mites completely.

Also, the mattress topper is available nowadays that reduces the need to clean a mattress.

Remember these mattress myths while purchasing online or from the market to make the right decision and give way to good sleep at the night.

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