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Sleep in the lap of Luxury with Snoozer Mattress in Bangalore


Known as the silicon valley of India, ‘Bangalore’ is the main IT hub for budding engineers and professionals. Bangalore is a bustling place for everyone who works and like other metropolitan cities, Bangalore lifestyle is equally hectic. Anyone who lives in Bangalore can relate to a day that starts with long commutes, traffic, rush, office work, meetings, phone calls and reaching home late at night. It is a lifestyle that can easily make your body extremely tired and mind fatigued.

After a long tiring day what you need is your bed and a long peaceful sleep. It often happens that after taking an adequate amount of sleep you don’t feel refreshed the next morning. Is your mattress comfortable enough to provide you with peaceful sleep? Are you getting the sleep you deserve on a comfortable mattress? But more importantly, is the right mattress for you even available in Bangalore?

Chances are, the answers to all of the above are “No”. Which is why it may be time for you to switch your ordinary mattress to a Snoozer. Snoozer Mattresses, one of the best mattress brands in the country, are now available in Bangalore, offering the ultimate sleep experience. The mattress is soft yet firm, providing utmost support to help you sleep peacefully throughout the night. You can also spend some leisure time on the comfy mattress to read, work, watch TV, and relax. It’s guaranteed to last for at least 9 years. It’s important for you to choose the right mattress for your bed as it affects your sleep and health. The best mattress in Bangalore awaits you!

Perhaps the best part about Snoozer is that it is a no-fuss and hassle-free mattress brand. By offering only four types of high-quality mattresses, Snoozer ensures there’s a mattress which is suited perfectly to your requirements in terms of age, daily routine and health condition.

Ortho Firm Mattress

The Ortho Firm Mattress provides firm support to your body and ultra-beneficial for people who often suffer from back pains and aches.

Posture Care Mattress

The Posture Care Mattress is suitable for all age groups. As the name suggests, this mattress helps correct your body posture over time.

Beauty sleep mattress

The Beauty Sleep Mattress provides soothing comfort while sleeping. It is a soft and luxurious mattress that helps you sleep faster.

Presidential-Suite mattress

The Presidential Suite Mattress is the ultimate luxury & plush mattress. Rated as the most luxurious memory foam spring mattress, it delivers the most comfortable sleep.

Snoozer has been the choice of discerning buyers for a long time. Here’s how they feel about sleeping on a Snoozer:

“Last night was my first night on a Snoozer Beauty Sleep mattress. I have had surgery on my back, this morning I had no pain and did not feel tired. This mattress is a great investment. Customer service was outstanding beginning to end.” - Sameer Walia

“Snoozer mattress is truly the last word in luxury. Once you have this bed in your home, you don’t feel the need to ever go to a five-star hotel. They are comfortable and plush, giving you not just a good night’s sleep, but a feeling of being ‘special’. I highly recommend it." - Meena Kapoor, CEO Netway India

Where to buy a Snoozer Mattress in Bangalore?

If you are looking for a quality mattress for yourself in Bangalore that ensures comfortable sleep through the night, give us a call! A quick chat with our Snoozer Mattress experts will help you identify the most appropriate mattress for you based on your needs. The best part? You don’t have to step out of your house. You can simply go about buying your Snoozer Mattress online and have it delivered to your doorstep, at no extra shipping cost!

It’s time you got the sleep you need and deserve. It’s time for Bangalore to Experience Better Sleep. To know more about the right Snoozer Mattress for you, get in touch with us!

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