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Best Anti Allergy Mattress

Many people struggle with allergies that can have a bad impact on health and overall life. The sleep especially begins to get affected a lot, leading to daytime fatigue and insomnia. It’s always easier to sleep peacefully when you are breathing through your nose, but in case of nasal congestion due to allergies, there is a negative effect on the sleep. So, if allergy issue is not addressed on time, then the sleep deprivation problem can get worse and even lead to death.

So, it is important to have a mattress that has anti-allergenic properties for a comfortable sleep in the night without compromising on your health.

What causes allergies in bed?

The most common cause of allergies in bed is the dust mites. Our body emits heat and moisture during the night and also sheds dead skin cells that encourage the dust mites to grow on your bedding.  The allergic reactions to these microscopic creatures that thrive in bed include sneezing, itching, watery eyes, eczema and wheezing.

Best mattress for avoiding allergies

When you sleep for 6-8 hours in the night, the exposure to dust mites is maximum which can have serious consequences. The best solution here is to invest in a memory foam mattress that helps to combat dust mites and keeps your surroundings allergen-free! It has a solid core with no coils or springs that leaves fewer places for allergens to hide. Besides this, they provide great support to joints and back by distributing the weight evenly while sleeping.

If you are planning to buy the memory foam mattress keep in mind to choose the one with dense foam so that the dust mites have fewer chances to settle in.

Other ways to get rid of allergens

In addition to getting a new mattress, there are some other ways to limit the impact of allergens on your sleep.

  • Frequently vacuum the carpets. It will pick up allergens that have settled on the carpet.
  • Use a dry cloth for dusting to ensure that you are picking up only dirt and not moving it around.
  • Every day in the morning while making the bed, pull out the bed sheet cover and let the mattress breathe some air for a while. This will keep your mattress fresh.
  • Get a waterproof anti-allergic mattress protector to prevent any moisture from seeping in.
  • Decrease the temperature in your room.

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