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When Mattress matters & other ads

When Mattress matters & other ads

So now we have India’s biggest mass market coir mattresses manufacturing company (since 1962) –  bombarding us with ‘ When mattress matters’ ads showcasing a memory foam and pocket springs mattress .

It took 54 years for them to understand that mattress matters dude …while all this time selling third rate stuff meant for a third world country ?

..and we have another mattress biggie one saying ‘If you wish to sleep ..wake up ‘ took them an odd 30 years as well .

Hallelujah !

Times ..they are a changin’ for these laid back fat Rs.1000 Crore + Mattress companies to realise… the need to truly offer us Indians better products .

Time to reaffirm your faith in niche’ brands like Snoozer who brought precisely these mattresses 22 years back…because  sleep mattered for us even in 1994.

Celebrity endorsements & other dramas

We never needed one to sell our mattresses ..because  people experience for themselves & choose a Snoozer mattress offering significantly higher level of comfort & orthopedic support they feel for themselves.

Paid social media & fake testimonials


Our discerning buyers are smart enough to see through these .

One lady blogs and promotes a mattress brand .. click on her user name .. and voila she is promoting watches and sun glasses and what not.

Then a mattress amalgamator uses his own band of employees to swarm the social media and forums to help you rest well on a weekend .

Another company with the hashtag and photo-shopped blonde had a testimonial on his web site from some one called Abraham Lincoln… should still be around .

Everyone to his own faith.

Exaggerated Warranties

Like all good products Snoozer Mattresses comes with a one year replacement or repair warranty due to any manufacturing defects .

Unfortunately some customers fail to use the mattress as a mattress … rather a trampoline for their kids . Some fail to follow the turning and flipping instructions to equalize the naturally occurring body impressions. The mattress is not sagging .

Our mattresses last probably the longest in the country .. hotels coming back and replacing their 8 to 10 year old mattresses again with us .. The Park, Shangri La, Park Hyatts and many more .

So if any one gives more than a 10 year warranty .. the time when your mattress stops giving you the right support .. think aloud.

And by the way a life long warranty by some companies means the wood in the bed will not crack .. do read the fine print .

Natural Inputs Vs Petroleum Products

Well you will have some ‘high end ‘ selling their beds and mattresses on their imported pedigrees and hair stuffing’s and what not .Your call .

We are surrounded by petroleum by products , plastics, foams etc etc are they allergic ..??

Buy a good Snoozer Bed + Mattress + Mattress topper = Half the price of the fancy imported natural one.

Backed by local sales & service support.. if you ever need one.

Mattress Designs – Bells & Whistles

So next time you come across fancy trimmings, ribbons, bands, Pillow Top, remember they are all adornments which do not add to the real comfort or support of the mattress. It is all bogus science .

What is inside that matters .. more so it will be tucked under your bed sheets.

Seasonal Offers

Mattress companies come out with free bed sheets, pillows , blankets offers every season and upto substantial part of MRP as off .Gold Coins.

Well what does it say ?

That through out the year these mattresses are wrongly priced to afford to give you 40% off ( no venture funds to burn of course with them )..

Snoozer’s take on this – We price our mattresses rightly through out the year after year that is why one does not see any seasonal promotions or gimmicks … and our discerning buyers focus on the steak not the sizzle .. the mattress comfort , support & durability… because they have enough pillows, bed sheets and blankets at home.

Orthopedic Hai ?

Yes , Yes & more yeses …all brands , all mattresses …this one is best Madam ..see bada bada likha hua hai ORTHOPEDIC .

It is like taking a placebo …but does not work for long.

Well Snoozer applied for this brand registration 20 years back ..but as an after thought desisted to use it …or shall we say misuse it .

Any surface whether a chair, sofa, mattress is ergonomic and provides the right support to the end user should be considered as orthopedic .

A big brand company called Dr. B@#$ got into ASCI troubles recently because it could not substantiate it’s back pain relief claims in it’s ads showcasing a back a la Iodex .

We have many companies in the Mattress Industry still doing resorting to these gimmicks .

Ad Campaigns


In an Industry which has relied on models in night wears urging you to buy a big mass brand mattress with 20 years guarantee till not very long ago …

.. has evolved to getting a Bollywood actress in night wear again ..

or put a # hash tag with a photo shopped blonde behind tacky mattress designs ..some collection

or the ones promising you the moon ..

or improve your #@& life

or get you rid of a backache

No wonder no one looks forward to buying a mattress any where .

Are you being sold ?


We will let you in a mattress Industry secret ..  you are being sold .

Frequent Dealer Junkets to exotic locales around the world decide what dealers wish to display & sell for their masters .

Sales men will go on and on about the brands they get paid for on the side ….  never mind what they sleep on back home and are not qualified enough to decide for you .

Snoozer is probably the only brand in India which does not get into any of the above drama and tactics .. and let’s the consumer decide what he wishes to buy on product merits & superiority .

Indian Brand or a Foreign one ?

Third party manufactured foreign brands made in India who finally decided Indian consumers have ‘grown up ‘ to buy their mattresses now or

India’s oldest spring enhanced luxury mattress company which has been manufacturing for more than 20 years for the discerning Indian consumers who know what true luxury is all about.

Your Call …

Simplest way to choose a Snoozer Mattress


Choose your comfort preference first .. it helps you sleep faster . If you love the firm feel of a coir mattress – choose the Ortho Firm model . If you like the feel of good latex mattress then choose the Beauty Sleep Model . If you love the softness of visco elastic memory foam – choose the Presidential Suite model , and if you love the regular foam mattress – choose the Posture Care model .

Next comes the thickness ..the thicker the better comfort , support & durability .

All models provide the right orthopedic support .

Wishing you a good night’s sleep.

Will just a 4 inch Mattress do ?

Yes if you wish to use it in a spa or a massage bed.

Around the world , the best mattresses are built with a core of coil springs which flex & adjust to your body contours and provide a firm support from underneath .

These are topped with Foam / Memory Foam or Latex layers for a deep down comfort.

So naturally all this adds up to an average 8″ thick mattress which go up to 12″ thick.

So choose your comfort & support as you like.